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Will your business exist in 10 years?

That’s right!  Can you believe that almost 50% of America’s small businesses do not have a website.  Why do you think that is?

41% of the businesses that don’t have a website say their business “does not need a website”, but this is an excuse, not an actual REASON.

Lets dive a little deeper

Many small business owners (you may be one) are not tech savvy.  They are in the business of their business, not web design, therefore it’s easy to dismiss the need for a website because:

  1. They don’t understand how it could help their business
  2. It appears expensive, complex and too time-consuming
  3. They’re “doing just fine without it” or they’ve “never needed one before”
  4. They have a nephew/granddaughter that does their “web stuff”

The world of advertising in newspapers, the phone book or other print media is gone.  Someone will still gladly take your money for that though!

76% of small business owners are nearly 50 years old.  Falling out of touch with technology just happens and we get comfortable in our way of doing things.

“Most of my customers are word of mouth”

It’s easy to miss what’s coming if you’re busy running a business with repeat customers and referrals.  Not looking forward is business killer!

Just because everything seems ok right now doesn’t mean the future is bright.  That’s like jumping off a building and halfway down saying “So far so good”

Businesses that don’t see the need to change, are businesses that die.  Remember Blockbuster (taken out by Netflix and video streaming) and Kodak film (taken out by digital cameras)

Need vs Want

Small business owners that say they don’t need a website really mean they don’t want a website (bad enough).  They think they don’t want it because a website comes with a cost, complexity and time commitment.  

However, I bet 99.9% of small business owners who say they don’t need a website would agree to one if they could have it completely built with no maintenance and no cost…oh and overnight.