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My Pricing Philosophy

I hate it when I can’t get the best of something because it’s priced out of my range.  That is why each of my packages offers ALL of the same technology your website needs to look awesome, be secure, fast and get you more customers.  Just choose your time commitment.

e-Commerce website?

An e-commerce site is very technical and very time-consuming.  To do it right we need to spend lots of time fine-tuning your site, branding, photographing and getting every detail of SEO spot on.  An e-Commerce site will start at $4,000  

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Build Something Tailor Made For Your Users.

If you need something extra special please get in contact with me.  I’d love the challenge of a complex website.  However, if I feel your website is out of my abilities, I will tell you and not waste your time and money.  

Support that’s not 9-5

Since I don’t work a “normal” workday, feel free to reach out to me at any time.  

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