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When should I start my business?

Welcome to the first blog post from Canton Web Design.  I will always try and make my post relative to entrepreneurs, especially those just starting off; not because I have so much knowledge to share but because I’m also an entrepreneur just starting off and my mistakes are fresh in my head!  I’ll also share some of the wisdom I pick up here and there from more experienced business leaders.  Since my business is in the website, SEO world my posts will probably revolve around that but I would like for the information I put in my blog to remain general enough that it can be applied to any business.  Also, since I believe that EVERY business needs to be online, no matter what I post should be relevant to your business.

We all remember the Nike slogan, “Just Do It”.  This is where I’d like to start my blog.  I’d like to encourage every entrepreneur to “just do it”.  Just get started with your business plan.  No matter if you’re holding on to an idea that’s been in your head for years or you’re finishing up your MBA so that you’re “ready”, stop planning and get started.  This was some of the best advice I ever read.  You could work on your business plan for months calculating and accounting for every last cent.  You could spend years mitigating all risk to make your venture as safe as possible and before you know it you get tired of all this planning and you decide it’s not worth it so you never launch your business.  So, to all that I say, “just do it”.

Launch your business today.  If you plan on starting a website and web design business like I did and you know how to put a few static pages together don’t wait until you’re “ready” and know more. Go find a client that needs a few static pages and charge a fair price.  Then boom, you’re in business.   

Ok, so now that you’re ready to jump off the deep end and launch your multi-million dollar idea out of your garage allow me to say a few things from the other side.  If you can have a business plan, reduce your risk, have all the start-up capital you need that is great and it will make things easier.  It will also greatly increase the odds of your business being around 12 months later.  If you’re going to have to borrow money to start your business it may be very helpful and almost necessary to be well prepared.

Find a good balance between over prepared and never starting.  As for me, I like to hit the ground running and figure it out as I go.  I do will under that pressure and I don’t mind taking the time (hours and hours) to find the answer or learn how to do something.  If you think you will do well in the same environment I hope you’ll finish reading and “just do it”.

All the best from Canton Web Design.