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About Canton Web Design

First of all, thank you for visiting and learning how we can meet your web design needs and reach your business goals.  At Canton Web Design we understand that everyone is at a different stage in their business.  Some are just moving past concept and others are well established and trying to move to the next level.  This is why we, as your web design team, need to understand your business goals first and then come up with a plan on how to reach them.

We Don’t Sell Websites

That’s right!  If our goal was just to sell websites our entire focus would be on something else.  We are business wise people using the power of the internet to solve YOUR business problems and reach YOUR goals.  We do this with a plan that starts with building the right website for you.

Tech Stuff

WordPress is what powers our websites.  As a business owner the only reason this should matter to you is because it matters to Google!  That’s right, Google indexes and ranks pages built on WordPress higher than others.  We also use the newest and most powerful themes and plugins available.


Who else uses WordPress you ask?


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Like you, we are business owners.  And like you, we know that if you invest capital into something (like a custom website) you expect a RETURN ON INVESTMENT.  After all, if your business website isn’t going to help you grow more, sell more and make you more money why even waste time with a website?

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