It’s 2017!  Where is your business website?!

Canton Web Design delivers business solutions by using the internet

You may think you don't need a website, but your customers do!

Does your website make you look professional?

Is your current website 100% mobile ready?

How do your customers search?


Google searches for products/services


Consumer smart phone searches


More likely to contact a business with a website

Lost Dollars

With the number of consumers online, the lack of an online presence with a website, SEO and social media is money you are just letting pass you by.  You are a smart business leader.  Make the choice to invest in your business so that it’s found, contacted and shopped by today’s customers.

Your Competition

Are the customers you want passing you by and buying somewhere else because they can’t find you?  EVERY SINGLE DAY that you are not found online someone is spending their money with your competition.  Do a search for what you sell.  Did you just make money or give it to someone else?

Your Team

Julio Sanchez

Julio Sanchez

Web Developer

Yup.  I’m a tech guy that also loves to TRY and grow veggies.  Fortunately I’m better at building websites.

Nicole Sanchez

Nicole Sanchez


Think of me as the interior designer of your website.  I want your website to reflect your personality by using the right colors, typography and imagery.

Lets Make This Happen!

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